In Platteville and Gilcrest, Colorado
  Platteville Public and Nantes Libraries



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions people ask us the most:
-Where's Dianne?
         We usually know, but we're not allowed to tell you.

-Can I use your phone?
         First, it's "May I use your phone?" And yes, you may! We have a phone available for public use, but it only makes local calls.

-I received an overdue notice in the mail. What should I do?
         Bring back the items listed in the notice. We don't charge late fines; we just want you to bring our stuff back. Also refer to the Overdue Notice section in our forums.

-How much do your services cost?
         Many of our services, such as Internet use and borrowing books and movies, are free! Some of our other services cost:
                   Copies - $0.10/page
                   Printing - $0.10/page
                   Faxing - $1.00/page to send - $0.25/page to receive
                   Notary - $2.00/seal

-Can I scan a document to attach it to an email?
         We do not have a scanner at this time.

-I need a notary!
         Many of our staff are Notaries Public and charge $2.00 per seal. All you need is a valid photo ID and sign the document in our presence.

-I need the phone number for [person's name].
         To protect the privacy of our patrons, we do not give out phone numbers or addresses. We will, however, give you information about businesses.

-Do you have Wi-Fi?
         We do! Our signal does not have a password for access so you can jump right on. The signal covers our entire building and even some areas outside.

-I see you made coffee. Can I have some?
         Are you an adult? Then yes, please help yourself! Are you a child? No! What do you need coffee for?

-What time is it?
         Learn to use a clock! There are two hanging in the front of the library for your convenience and one gorgeous grandfather clock in the back of the library.

-Where did you get your fish?
         Our director personally journeyed to Prussia and fished them out of a private fresh water stream.

-What happened to the big fish?
         After eating all the other fish, it died of loneliness.

-There is a book/movie I think the library should own. Why don't you own it?
         Chances are, we do own it and it is checked out. But we do love hearing recommendations from our patrons! Just tell us the title or author and a little bit about it, and we will see if it is something we can add to our collection!

-I lost my library card!
         Losing your government-issued library card is a federal offence. The fine is $1.00 and a lengthy explanation of how you lost it.

-Why does it smell like food in here?
         Librarians are humans just like you! Sometimes we require food to make it through the day.

-There is a sign before the back of the library that says I'm not allowed back there because I am under 18 and do not have an adult with me. I'm going back there anyway.
         That wasn't a question. Children are not allowed in the adult section so that adults can have some peace and quiet. If you need a book from the adult section, please                ask one of the librarians for help.

-I would like to volunteer at the library!
         Great! Just talk with one of the librarians to see if we have anything for you to help us with.