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June Survey: Scary movies

Posted by Platteville Public Library on June 3, 2013 at 3:50 PM

OOOooooooOOO  It's a survey!

Take our survey about scary movies!  It's just for fun!  But only if you dare!

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Reply Imperator Librarius
5:56 PM on September 24, 2013 
Here are the results from our survey about horror movies:

Which movie did you think was the scariest?
The Exorcist - 16.67%
IT - 16.67%
The Strangers - 16.67%
The Smurfs - 16.67%

Which movie was supposed to be scary, but really wasn't?
Gremlins - 25%
Cabin in the Woods - 16.67%

Which horror movie cliche frustrates you the most?
Running either upstairs or downstairs instead of going outside - 33.33%

Have you ever screamed while watching a horror movie?
No - 58.33%
Yes - 33.33%

Were you ever too scared to sleep after watching a horror movie?
Yes - 66.67%
No - 33.33%

Have you ever considered resorting to cannibalism in order to survive?
No - 75%
Yes - 16.67%

Would you sacrifice your friend in order to escape?
Maybe - 41.67%
No, that's mean - 33.33%
In a heartbeat! - 25%

If you were a horror movie villain, what would your weapon be?
A victim's body part - 25%
Curses - 25%
Futuristic ray gun that make that "choo" firing noise. - 8.33%
Poor Car insurance. - 8.33%
Carbon Monoxide, silent but deadly. Like a fart. - 8.33%

Have you ever tried to guess which character will make it to the end of the movie?
Yes, and I'm usually right. 75%
Yes, but mostly, I'm wrong....Mostly 16.67%
No - 8.33%

Have horror movies affected your daily life choices, in an effort to avoid horror movie situations?
Yes! - 66.67%
No - 33.33

Thanks for taking our survey!!